Virus & Malware Removal 

Remote Rescue can remove even the most stubborn viruses and malware infections from your computer, all done remotely. Sit back and watch as a technician connects to your computer and systematically cleans and removes any malicious programs that are compromising your system.

  • Remove all viruses, spyware & adware
  • Stop search hijacking/redirects
  • Remove endless popup scams
  • Recover deleted files
  • Repair the operating system
  • Fix slow performance
  • Prevent future infections
  • Internet security training

How it works

Simple, stress-free remote tech support from the comfort of home.

1. Free Diagnosis
Contact us & describe the problem. A tech expert will give you an estimate.
2. Remote Repair
Sit back and watch (or get other stuff done!) as a technician repairs your device from afar.
3. Secure Payment
After your device has been fixed, we will direct you to make a secure payment with Paypal or Stripe.

Simple pricing. No Subscriptions.

30 minutes or less

Quick Fix

$ 35
This is for basic help & quick fixes that take less than 30 minutes. Many inquiries we get fall under this category.
  • Schedule at your convenience
  • Price estimate before we start
  • Pay after repair is completed
Book a time
Up to 60 minutes

Full Hour

$ 60
For repairs and assistance that takes up to an hour, such as complex virus removal and remediation, blue screen errors, etc.
  • Schedule at your convenience
  • Price estimate before we start
  • Pay after repair is completed
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Frequently Asked Questions

Many fixes & support sessions are very quick - this is why we have a low priced $35 fee for anything that takes less than 30 minutes. For repairs that take up to 1 hour, we charge $60. After that, we charge $35 for each additional hour. We will give you a free estimate before beginning work.

All of our computer repair technicians are located in the US. We do not outsource to save money & believe in paying our techs the full value of their labor. This translates into better & more personable service

The remote software tools we use are fully encrypted and widely utilized. You have complete control of the remote access session and can end it at any time. 

Payment is due AFTER the remote session has been completed. This way you will never be charged if we're unable to fix your issue. 

You will be sent a payment link after we finish our session. We accept secure credit card payments though Paypal and Stripe, as well as Venmo &

If you've already paid and you believe that your device is still having problems, just contact us & we can take a second look at it. If you're still unsatisfied we will provide you a refund.  You will never have to call your credit card company to dispute a charge. 

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